Market Street Hotel

hotel | Edinburgh [United Kingdom]

logo concept and design, identity, branding, signage & wayfinding and website design

postcards 'Blikvangers' and 'Terschelling op Schaal'

interior shop | Midsland Terschelling [the Netherlands]

illustration and design of 18 postcards on A6

Atelier Markx

interior design studio | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

logo concept and design, identity and branding

Eem Optiek

optician's shop | Eemnes [the Netherlands]

logo concept and design, signage and branding

The Dominican

Carlton Hotel Collection | Brussels [Belgium]

Design hotel located in central Brussels, the hotel has a rich history; the site was formerly a Dominican abbey in the 15th century and later the home and workplace of famous neo-classicist painter Jacques-Louis David.

New concept and design for menucards with image of Jacques-Louis David’s ‘Mars disarmed by Venus and the Three Graces’, this artwork was created here and would be his last masterpiece before his death.

Swinehammered Art

artist | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

logo design and identity

book 'Blikvangers van Terschelling'

free work | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

book concept, illustrations and texts

Zodiac Birthday Calendar

free work | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

calendar concept and illustration

Solid Nature

supplier of exclusive natural stones | Aalsmeer [the Netherlands]

Solid Nature is a global supplier of exquisite natural stone for luxury developments, high-profile government projects and private residential properties.

logo design and brand identity design

concept, art direction and lay-out for a catalogus in a luxurious edition box (80 pages / hardcover / dimensions: 320 x 320 mm)

pixel portrait

free work

c-ao | c· art & objects

art consultant - curated collection | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

logo concept and design, identity and website

Giulio D'Anna choreographic communications

choreographer | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

logo concept and design, identity and website

Danstheater AYA

dance company | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

Danstheater AYA produces powerful dance theatre performances for youngsters about current, confronting themes that are connected to their reality, like cultural identity, sexuality, peer pressure or popularity. 

concept, art direction and lay-out | book with essays of the dance company’s director (118 pages / softcover / dimensions: 210 x 297 mm)

Objects by Numbers

interior objects by Sander Bottinga | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

Objects by Numbers; collections of interior objects in a numbered serie produced and designed by Sander Bottinga.

logo design and corporate identity

SIR Nikolai

luxury boutique hotel | Hamburg [Germany]

SIR is a European lifestyle boutique brand. It's a legendary collection of luxury boutique hotels. Each SIR curates its own cosmos and has entrepreneurial spirits, a fine taste of aesthetics and features a distinctive destination for the design savvy traveller of the 21st century.

Sir Nikolai is the character to symbolize modern royalty. He isn't real but he could be. He's a gentlemen of very good breeding and great good character. He's also very discreet. As a guest you'll never see his face, but his presence and eye for detail can be felt wherever you turn.

art concept, selection and framing for all hotelrooms ; 5 different series of 12/13 artworks (all artworks are related to Hamburg, the history of the building and the character Sir Nikolai)

The College Hotel

hotel | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

Within months of opening in 2005, The College Hotel (interior design by FG stijl) won the Prix Villégiature Paris award for ‘Best Hotel Interior Design in Europe’ and the Theme.nl 2005 Award for Best New Hotel Design in the Netherlands. This 1894 building is a former school, a role still evident in the wide staircases, 5-metre-high ceilings and converted gymnasium, now a trend-setting gourmet restaurant. The design throughout pays homage to Holland’s rich heritage and the restaurant celebrates the Golden Age of Dutch cuisine. As its name suggests, the hotel is a training ground for students at Amsterdam’s ROC Hotel School.

logo design, signing and brand identity design

Robin Sluijzer

interior design company | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

Robin Sluijzer develops interior design concepts, ranging from exclusive apartments and houses to restaurants, fashion stores and showrooms to beach clubs. With his 'Natural Raw Interiors'  he distinguishes himself with a choice of high-end, tough but beautiful materials.

concept, art direction and lay-out for a flyer


furniture collection for Interna Collection | Udine [Italy]

AngloDutch is the name of a furniture collection for Interna Collection by FG stijl. The name reflects the cultural background of the two founders of FG stijl; Colin Finnegan, a British native, and Dutchman Gerard Glintmeijer. Inspiration for their first furniture collection came from the history and traditions of the royal houses of their respective countries.

concept, art direction and lay-out for catalogue of furniture line by FG stijl for Interna Collection (152 pages / Bilingual edition [italian/english] (2008) / hardcover / dimensions: 210 x 245 x 15 mm)

Martijn Jans interieur

interior designer | Rotterdam [the Netherlands]

Martijn Jans Interieur develops Interior concepts and designs for private residence, office, hospitality and shops.

logo design and brand identity design

D&L Gallery

selling exhibition | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

D & L Gallery is an initiative by art dealers Dolf D. van Omme and Lara Wijsmuller. The collection of this sale exhibition includes paintings, works on paper and sculptures, from Romanticism to Cobra and the classic moderns to internationally renowned contemporary artists.

promotional material, window signage, poster, signing and folder for fine art selling exhibition of Dutch Masters in Conservatorium Hotel in Amsterdam

Park Hyatt

five star hotel | Vienna [Austria]

This hotel celebrates one of the most opulent periods that Europe has ever seen. The hotel inhabits a former bank building on Vienna’s Am Hof square, and interior designers FG stijl were dedicated to combining the masculinity and grandeur of its financial heritage with the exuberant style and elegance of Vienna in 1913.


The former central banking hall now houses the splendid ‘The Bank’ restaurant, making optimal use of the grandeur and original features of the hall while creating a beautiful environment for fine dining. The central hall, with its elaborate ceiling and stained glass, is flanked by two adjoining sky-lit spaces with meticulously restored glass ceilings.

logo design for the restaurant at Park Hyatt Vienna


The Pearl bar has its own identity with a mirrored staircase, unique book-matched onyx and specially designed furniture. One of the true jewels of this bar is an ornate metal screen complete with semi-precious stones, inspired by an original 100-year-old piece of jewellery by Josef Hoffmann.

logo design for the bar at Park Hyatt Vienna


The spa is built on 2 underground storeys in the banks gold vault. Arany is the Hungarian word for gold.

logo design for the spa at Park Hyatt Vienna

carpet and rugs design for public spaces and hotel rooms at Park Hyatt Vienna (main staircase, staircase to Pearl, room corridors and restaurant)


restaurant | The Hague [the Netherlands]

Restaurant Maxime in The Hague has a touch of Paris. Restaurant Maxime is the bistro / brasserie restaurant Calla's.
The menu at Maxime are composed with products that are seasonal. In the high season Restaurant Maxime daily with fresh herbs, edible flowers, various types of lettuce and fresh vegetables of the season.

logo design and brand identity design

Le Vesuvio

restaurant | Cannes [France]

This famous restaurant was redesigned by FG stijl, the original features, such as the stained glass figures, were maintained to preserve the atmosphere of the family restaurant. The eye catcher of the restaurant: the white clay oven is situated next to the entrance and is decorated with real Bisazza mosaic of the sun (logo) in shimmering gold. The original logo of the restaurant, based on the stained glass figures, was also redesigned into a more figurative logo based on the sun and the flames of the volcano, in shiny gold.

The design concept (as well as the logo) for the restaurant in Cannes, was also used for Le Vesuvio in Doha, Quatar. 

logo design and brand identity design

logo mosaic around the pizza oven

Summum The Private Jet Lounge

lounge | Schiphol International Airport [the Netherlands]

Summum is the Dutch word meaning “summit”, the perfect name for The Netherlands’ most exclusive private jet lounge. Interior architect’s FG stijl crafted an interior which reflect the lifestyles of those who use it: combining style and practical functionality at the highest level of luxury.

custom rug design for lounge area:  the world with the main rivers in each continent

Actors in Action

pr agency | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

Actors in Action is a pr agency for training, workshops, actors, and events, they offer a variety of ready-made workshops and trainings, but also develop tailor made programs. They work with reputable, experienced stage artists who get your message, product or vision effectively in the spotlight and speaking to your audience.

logo design and brand identity design

Signature collection

Nilson handmade beds | Barneveld [the Netherlands]

Nilson beds offer high-quality comfort, which is achieved by using natural materials in order to create a unique and traditional end product. The beds have a subtle and luxurious design and are completely hand-made in the Netherlands.

 FG Stijl from Amsterdam is responsible for the design of the Signature collection. They paid attention to the design and especially to the current requirements with regards to quality, comfort and user friendliness. That is why this collection is so perfectly suited to the wishes and requirements of contemporary luxury hotels.

concept, art direction and lay-out for brochure of hotel beds collection “Signature collection” (36 pages / Bilingual editions [dutch/english | german/french] (2011) / softcover / dimensions: 250 x 200 x 4 mm)

Hyatt Regency

hotel | Dusseldorf [Germany]

The Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf, set to act as focal point and destination on the tip of the island in the Media Hafen Dusseldorf, on the site of the former Monkey Beach. The completely glazed ground floor of the hotel entice guests showing the different aspects of the hotel. Guests can enter either through the main entrance or through the side entrances along the promenade directly into Dox bar, Dox restaurant or Café D. The public spaces on the ground floor all have views over the harbor. The interior is done by FG stijl and is based on emphasizing this magnificent view and on creating warmth and intimacy in a modern building. A recurring motif in the design, we specially designed this for the hotel, of the hotel are water reeds referring to the island environment and history.

logo design for environmental graphics, opening invitation

environmental graphics (decorative steel room diveders, carpets and rugs)

environmental graphics (ventilation grill design and carpet design for corridors)

crockery set design

A central catwalk connects the three main areas of Dox restaurant, inviting the ladies from Dusseldorf to parade on their high heels. Guests are drawn towards the elegant free floating curved staircase at the end of the area, designed to dominate but also to allow guests the chance to see and be seen. 

logo design for restaurant and bar at Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

logo design for honey brand for Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

The jewel of the hotel is the bar pavilion aptly named Pebble’s. This shimmering river bolder shaped pavilion of polished stainless steel is set to shine as a central feature on the tip of the island. The large roof terraces around Pebble’s enable guests to enjoy the view of the entire harbor form above to the water. The shimmer and shine of the outside is also to be found inside the bar, especially in the mosaic tiles on the floor, which is turned into a mere jewel when the sun shines on it.

logo design for champagne bar at Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf

Café D is the easy going bistro located on the other side of the island with its bright colours and illuminated long table’s.

logo design for cafetaria at Hyatt Regency Dusseldorf


yoga trainer | Bali [Indonesia]

Over many years of dedicated yoga practice and teaching, Joseph Lee has transformed his personal approach to yoga as an inward mindfulness meditation practice, both on-the-mat and into my daily life. Joseph believes that You do not have to master the advance yoga postures to be effectively practicing yoga – in fact, the more advance your personal yoga practice, the softer and more subtle it is.

website design; website and mailing for yoga trainer

The Dominican

Carlton hotel | Brussels [Belgium]

Revealing the rich layers of history was an integral part of the design for The Dominican hotel. When it opened in late 2007, this hotel at once became the first Belgian member of the esteemed Design Hotels group, as well as the first Carlton hotel in Brussels. Europe’s premier city has a historic past and this was reflected in a contemporary interior that paid homage to the site’s history, as home to the renowned French painter Jacques-Louis David and the Dominican Abbey that was located here in the 15th-century. Sweeping archways and the restored façade are just a few of the many reminders of the former glory of this central location.

logo design, signing, corporate identity and branding

Fort Malakoff

Hyatt Regency hotel | Mainz (Germany)

Hyatt Regency Mainz is an innovative and exclusive hotel in Mainz, Germany. The hotel integrates Fort Malakoff, Mainz’s historic 19th-century castle, into its dramatic 21st-century architecture. Hyatt Regency Mainz is located on the banks of the River Rhine.

logo design, corporate identity and signing for hotel bar and restaurant

FG stijl

interior design company | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

Designed for people. An obvious sentiment perhaps, but one that is often forgotten in an era when design saturates day-to-day life. For FG stijl, designing for people was a seedling idea from which sprung countless three-dimensional experiences, and now, more than a decade on, it is the expression of our interior design company’s DNA. 

Their first decade produced a prolific body of work, the culmination of which was expressed in our native Amsterdam’s award-winning The College Hotel, which coincidentally opened in our anniversary year. These efforts secured the Prix Villégiature award for ‘Best Hotel Interior Design in Europe’ and the Theme.nl 2005 Award for Best New Hotel Design in the Netherlands, as well as a place on the Condé Nast Traveller magazine’s Hot List for 2006.

logo design, corporate identity and branding

concept, art direction and lay-out for book about interior design projects of FG stijl (240 pages / Bilingual edition [dutch/english] (April, 2008) / hardcover / dimensions: 295 x 295 x 25 mm)

website design


practice for exclusive dental care | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

IANKOVITCH is an exclusive dental care practice where they create smiles and healthy teeth that look as natural as possible, with no trace of dental work. They offer a royal choice in exclusive treatments, and by staying true to each person’s character they can promise real beauty. Their approach is unique: what’s healthy is left untouched and what needs to be treated, will be restored as natural as possible. 

logo design and corporate identity

Sander Bottinga

interior & object designer | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

Sander Bottinga develops and designs interior concepts and objects.

logo design and corporate identity

Dolf D. van Omme

art dealer | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

In the gallery almost all the major painters of the Amsterdam Impressionism and Classical Modernists are represented. Twice a year the gallery organises exhibitions around a certain theme or period. The intimate and exclusive atmosphere of the gallery, provides the visitor the opportunity to have a pleasant and unique way of looking at art.

logo design, corporate identity and branding

The Dylan

hotel | Amsterdam [the Netherlands]

The site where the hotel stands has a rich history dating back to 1612, when work started on Amsterdam’s fifth ring-canal extension. The site of The Dylan was originally home to a theatre and almshouse bakery before, in 1999, the building proudly started to welcome guests as the chicest boutique hotel in town. In 2006 it acquired its current mantle and we were appointed to apply a delightfully elegant design to the public areas, which restored timely history to this deserving location.

The hotel bar was named after Jean Baptiste Barbou, who in 1772 laid the foundation stone of the building that stands here now. Following major structural work, the bar area was located in a former function room and was crafted out of white bone combined with black, gold and oyster-white leather. It is situated adjacent to an intimate interior courtyard, sunlit by day and candlelit in the evening.

salesmap; 6 information cards about the hotel: dimensions: 210 x 297 mm and logo design and identity for hotel bar